International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day 2023

Bread and Roses

Today across the world women are demanding equality and our rights. The bread symbolises our right to a good living and Roses our rights to arts and beauty.

This has been the demand since International Women’s day was founded. There are celebrations and demonstrations across the world. Liverpool  Women are joining in.

Healthcare is essential to women’s rights. Demand world-class healthcare for women, girls and babies. Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital. Restore and repair the health service in the UK. We say we can’t have equality without good healthcare.

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Celebrate the essential work of our mothers, sisters, friends and lovers. There are 15.6 million women workers in the UK. A new generation has entered the struggle.

Women are more than half the workforce of NHS, Education, Care, Retail, and the Civil Service. We also work at home in vital caring and child-raising roles, yet we often do not get paid enough to live well. Women still do not earn as much as men in wages or pensions. Women hold 60% of all jobs that pay below the real living wage.

We have strength in our unions. Women are 56.8 per cent of union members, despite being 49.8 per cent of total workers. We are demanding decent wages for all and equality. We are demanding democratic active unions.

Our public services and wages are under attack. One in four children is in food poverty.  Austerity has aimed its hurt at women and children. Working women can fight back, for better pay and services. We demand full restoration of women’s pensions

A new generation has entered this struggle, linking to the long history of women across the world, and in Liverpool, fighting for their rights

We want equality and we want freedom from violence aimed at women and girls.

Our struggle to save Liverpool Women’s Hospital, the struggles to repair maternity services locally and nationally, to recruit and retain more midwives, to fight for safe birth, to restore and repair the national health service, to make health care open to all women, to fight poverty in pregnancy and early childhood all come together in our fight for Liverpool Women’s Hospital and the NHS.

Liverpool Women’s Hospital must stay, for all our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and lovers and the thousands of babies born there.

We are women, we are strong, we are fighting for our lives”

As we go marching we battle too for men. For they are women’s children and we mother them again

Picture credits our own photos and images

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