Liverpool Women’s Hospital is the largest maternity hospital in Europe. It provides Maternity, Neo-Natal, Gynaecology, Genetics and Fertility care, an Emergency Room for gynaecology and early pregnancy and more. 50,000 patients use it every year from Merseyside and beyond.

It was opened 20 years ago. It merged three maternity hospitals and the old Women’s Hospital. It marked a sea change in provision. It was and is a world class institution, named one of the best hospitals in the country in an inpatient survey run by regulators of the Care Quality Commission.  It meets or exceeds all the standards required of it in patient care. The Liverpool Women’s Hospital has excellent outcomes for women and babies. Since it was opened Liverpool’s infant mortality rate has improved. Many babies have survived due to its treatment.

 We want:

  • Full public funding, sufficient to allow Liverpool Women’s hospital to thrive, for all our sisters, mothers, daughters and babies


  • No privatisation or cuts


  • No loss of beds


  • Better funding for midwives and neo-natal nurses


  • A national increase in the maternity tariff


  • Full funding and an end to marketisation and privatisation of the NHS


We do not believe that it is possible to consider these shocking proposals without understanding the background of the crisis in funding the NHS, the marketisation and privatisation policies of this government

We do believe there is a need for a women’s hospital as a focal point for the care of women in the region

We do believe that Britain, one of the richest countries on the planet, can afford to properly fund its hospitals