Services provided by Liverpool Women’s Hospital

Liverpool Women’s Hospital caters for in excess of 60,000 patients a year

Last year Liverpool Women’s hospital

  1. Provided Ante- Natalcare to 9,926 women,
  2. Delivered 8,648 babies
  3. Provided post-natal care to 8221 women
  4. Cared for 1,091 babies in the neo natal unit
  5. Provided fertility treatment to 2, 247 couples
  6. Assessed and treated 12,191 women in the Emergency Room
  7. Provided 70,789 gynaecology appointments of which 7,625 were for cancer
  8. Undertook 9479 different types of gynaecology procedures of which 917 were for cancer
  9. Provided 3,399 outpatient appointments for individuals with genetic conditions
  10. It is the major provider of abortion services in Merseyside.
  11. About 9,000 men also had appointments at the Liverpool Women’s hospital.

Some children are treated through the genetics programme

Liverpool Women’s hospital is the largest maternity Hospital in Europe. It provides maternity, care in multiple births, care for older mothers, care for young and teenage mums, care for pregnant women with health issues, mental health support, assistance and research in fertility.

It provides regional Neo-Natal care, Gynaecology, Genetics, support for bereavement, end of life support, an emergency room for gynaecology and early pregnancy and more.

It is the main provider of termination services in the area.

Women are transferred to Liverpool Women’s Hospital from other hospitals, in Merseyside and beyond.More women are transferred there than are transferred away from Liverpool Women’s hospital

It is a modern building on a landscaped site.

It provides a service for all the women of the area young and old. It is loved and respected. It is perceived as, and has been formally assessed as both “safe” and “good”.

Liverpool Women’s Hospital is a respectful place for women and babies.It is valued because women feel safe and respected in the hospital, and because it has a good record on safety for women and the babies.

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