The Bedford Clinic at Liverpool Women’s Hospital provides a range of Abortion services in a safe and respectful environment.

It took generations of struggle to get free, safe abortion available in this country. Even now women have to travel from Ireland to get abortions because of discriminatory laws. Dentist Savita Halappanavar died because of Irish laws. Women in Ireland are campaigning to “Repeal the Eighth”, to radically change abortion law in Ireland.


In Poland this week women protested attempts to massively restrict abortions. A one day women’s strike and day of action made the government change its mind and to listen to the women  ” with humility”. Today we had support from Polish women for our fight for this hospital.poland-abortion2

In the USA   abortion rights are under threat. Trump is forming an anti abortion coalition.

Here in Liverpool we have a good safe clinic. We must protect it.  We want to keep it as an integrated part of the Women’s Hospital

Women find this hospital a safe and caring environment.The Bedford Clinic links easily into all the other women’s health issues supported by the hospital. The abortion clinic must be retained. We don’t want a diminished service farmed out to a small clinic somewhere, and the services gradually cut to nothing.

The right to choose wether or not to have a baby is being seriously compromised right now.

One in three women in the uk have had an abortion

It is our right to choose, our bodies our choice. Far better in a hospital where it is safe a than in a back street abortionists. Safe abortion does not increase the rte of abortion, it just keeps it safe.

Many women cannot afford to have children because of low wages and high housing costs. Third children are to be denied benefits, many people cannot afford to have as many children as they would like, and the age at which women are having children is being pushed up by economic necessity.Women are badly hit by austerity but we must not let this service go.

women's rights

Defend services that women fought for, for generations, don’t go let them go at the whim of  government cuts.

Save the Bedford Clinic, save Liverpool Women’s Hospital

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