Please donate to our campaign

We  produce leaflets, organise meetings and workshops, organise events and coordinate with other NHS and maternity campaigns. For nearly three years now we have campaigned to Save Liverpool Women’s hospital, campaigned for more midwives, nurses and doctors, campaigned for  enhanced  funding for neo natal services, mental health for mothers.

We oppose the ending of bursaries for nurses and midwives.We support better pay and conditions for staff. We oppose   outsourcing staff, clinical and non clinical

We campaign against the STPs, the maternity vanguard, personal payments and down grading maternity services.Please donate to help us  spread the word about  campaigns for a fully funded NHS and fully funded maternity service, free at the point of need for all women, free from privatisation and  a service that is  constantly improving infant and maternal survival rates. We face a hugely well funded publicity campaign by the management of the NHS and the Government and much of the media. It is only our supporters who can give us a chance of success. Please donate.

Donate Button


We have to learn how to run this campaign as we go along. Today we have learned to create  a  donate button. Please make all the blood sweat and tears worthwhile!. Give us  just a little  money to continue our campaign


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