Emily Thornberry Speaks at demonstration to Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital in September 2018

Last September, Emily Thornberry MP spoke at the end of our great demonstration to save Liverpool Women’s Hospital.


Emily is a senior  Labour MP who speaks on foreign affairs for Labour  in Parliament. She is the shadow foreign secretary. Last time we had our friend  Diane Abbot M.P,  speaking for the campaign so we have had good support from Labour’s women’s team.We were delighted to have her with us that day, and delighted to have Labour’s health spokesperson  John Ashworth M.P. with us too.

It should now be clear that Labour is committed to saving this hospital. The battle though is not yet won. Plans to open consultation on the unacceptable  plan to move to the Royal are still in place. PFI is probably dead, but the money makers and privatisers can still try to find another ripoff scheme.

The video  has been made for us by Hazuan Hashim. It is lovely and important record of a great step in our ongoing campaign. We still haven’t won but we have made great strides and the hospital is still here.

Our fight and that of other hospitals, walk in centres and services goes on.The NHS has been stripped to the bone and only the good will and hard work of the staff keeps it going

The local and national campaigns for the NHS needs your help..

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