Campaigning for Women’s Rights.International Women’s Day 2020

Fighting for excellent healthcare for all our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and lovers and for each and every baby

Women need healthcare at every stage of our lives. Too many babies die at birth, too many babies in Liverpool are dying before they are one year old. Still mothers die giving birth, or shortly afterwards. Many more Black mothers and babies die.

Too many older women have complex health issues. Mental health support for women and men is stripped to the bone. Every mother in the UK must get access to free maternity care in the UK! Stop the migrant charges that killed three women last year. Stop all migrant charges. The Windrush scandal killed people through denial of care.

Women’s illnesses are not adequately researched, nor treated. Life expectancy, and healthy life expectancy are falling, especially for poor women. Our right to control our fertility is still under threat from the right.

The NHS is starved of resources. Only the efforts of its staff keep it afloat. We need many more midwives, and more doctors specialising in women’s health. The NHS must be fully funded, and the private companies dismissed. Bursaries and grants must come back. The NHS must become an excellent employer for women, with workload and pay improved. The NHS must be funded sufficiently to be able to respond well to crises; no more corridor treatment! No more rationing! Stop cutting public health programs that helps keep us from falling ill.


 We call for the right to live free from rape and to organise against rape and sexual assault.

Rape prosecutions are at their lowest in a decade, yet more rapes are being reported. Together we can change this. We must organise on the streets and in the communities to eradicate violence against women. But don’t think it will be easy.

We need fully funded health care support for sexual crisis. Women need fully funded support for those who wish to leave abusive relationships.

Whatever we wear, wherever we go, yes means yes, and no means no!

Women must speak out against rape culture. Men must stop it.

The right to control our own fertility and the right to abortion are at risk across the world. Those who oppose abortion don’t have to have one, but the decision must always be that of the mother. Liverpool Women’s Hospital provides both safe terminations and fertility treatments in a women friendly environment. Both these services need to be protected. LWH provides support to Gay and Trans people’s fertility and sexual health in very practical ways.

The NHS publications frequently places the blame for ill health on the patient rather on the causes of ill health in society. We are all for taking care of ourselves, but the issues are much bigger than the individual.

You can make a difference by joining our campaigns. Power never conceded anything without a demand. We demand great healthcare for all. Healthy people make the country wealthier and happier. Ill health make us all poorer. Invest in health!

International Women’s Day in Liverpool 2020

The right to breathe clean air and to live in a viable climate

Good health requires air we can breathe, food that is free from contamination, and a planet with a viable future, for all humanity.


The right to clean air for all is essential for good health. Liverpool youngsters have been out on the streets asking us to take notice and to save the planet. Climate and environmental health are all essential to women’s health.Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital Campaign calls for Liverpool Women’s hospital to remain on its green site on Crown Street away from the heavy traffic of the Prescott Street site by the Liverpool Royal Hospital. Babies in the womb are very susceptible to damage from traffic fumes. We should not be sending babies into heavily polluted areas. Liverpool already has an issue with lung diseases like asthma in young children. Thousands of babies every year are born at Liverpool

Join the Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital Campaign, and fighting the NHS free at the  point of need, fully funded and not for profit, nationally provided and planned, and available to everyone. We have fought for five years to Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital so the hospital is still there – but it’s not safe yet. It is a tough fight to win back a decent NHS, but one that must be won. Each extra campaigner helps. Sign our petition on line Follow us on facebook or come to our meetings and get involved

The coronavirus means we need the NHS still more. The NHS has been cut to the bone by Government policy. Big companies have made fortunes from the NHS, while staff go short. We all need our NHS staff. Let’s roll up our sleeves, wash our hands, and fight for the NHS, for Liverpool Women’s Hospital, for excellent maternity care, and for vast improvements in women’s health!

Fighting internationally for women’s rights at work and for health care.

Across the globe, women are fighting for our rights at work. Good health requires good living and working conditions, decent wages, and decent housing.

The right to decent wages, secure employment in safe conditions, and trade union rights are important to improving the health of women and children across the globe.

  • We support the right to welfare support where women (or men) need to care for children or other people.
  • We demand the right to support in raising all our children and excellent affordable childcare. We demand the right to decent pension at 60 years old.
  • We demand an end to austerity and deliberately created poverty. Kick out Universal Credit. End the third child block on benefits. Give us our rights!
  • Women need control over their own reproductive rights and the right to their own income.
  • The right to access support for their children from the community at large is crucial. It takes a village to raise a child.
  • Poverty wages must go both in the UK and across the globe.
  • Global supply chains should mean global rights for women workers.

The Fedration of Home Based workers of Pakistan send greetings each year to Liverpool’s International Women’s Day.

This year they faced threats to their right to match but marched anyhow.

International women’s day was founded as a day when working class women fought for their rights, demanding Bread (meaning decent wages to pay for food and necessities) and Roses (meaning the good things in life) too. Bread and Roses is now an anthem of workingclass women That fight has spread across the world.

 Paying women well makes healthier women. Poverty must end. Girl babies must be cherished, girls must be educated.. Women workers across of the world should support each other. Fight femicide! Fight for education for all girls! End patriarchy . Young women today can change the world

The Fedration of Home Based workers of Pakistan send greetings each year to Liverpool’s International Women’s Day.
Our two new women MPs Kim Johnson and Paula Barker speaking at IWD really in Liverpool 2020 speaking

One thought on “Campaigning for Women’s Rights.International Women’s Day 2020”

  1. Thanks for writing this article. It comprehensively sets out so many of the issues facing women, children and also men in 2020. As you say, every extra person who gets involved in the Save Liverpool Women’s hospital campaign or any NHS campaign helps the struggle reach a wider audience and gain momentum. Hopefully that resistance creates delays & reversal of the rampant privatisation of our NHS ❤


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