Our hospital, as it is, is very good for babies and nationally and internationally recognised as such.


Liverpool Women’s Hospital gained the prestigious Baby friendly level 3 award from UNICEF.This is an international award for the care of babies.

“The UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative provides a framework for the implementation of best practice by NHS trusts, other health care facilities and higher education institutions, with the aim of ensuring that all parents make informed decisions about feeding their babies and are supported in their chosen feeding method. Facilities and institutions that meet the required standards can be assessed and accredited as Baby Friendly..”

It is important to remember this when suggestions are made that other, for profit or voluntary organisations are better placed to provide post natal and early days care

We know that many women feel they do not get enough support in the key early days and weeks. We know many  mothers reluctantly give up breast-feeding for lack of support in the difficult early  days and weeks of breast-feeding.

We support greater care for women after giving birth and in the early days of babies lives but this will require significantly more midwives to be employed and to be fully funded by the Government.


“CQC {Care Quality Commission} Maternity Survey: we were ranked amongst the very best maternity service providers in the country by our healthcare regulators, the Care Quality Commission, receiving one of the best scores in the country in a national survey of maternity services. The survey particularly praised the Trust’s focus on supporting mothers with breast-feeding, ranking Liverpool Women’s 2nd in the country.”


We reject suggestions in the Maternity Review that post  natal care should be diverted from the NHS. We want care from fully trained professionals linking into peer support from experienced breast-feeding mums ans from those who have good reason to bottle feed

Liverpool Women’s Hospital hosts a peer support group for breast feeding which is popular.

These photos were posted to Facebook after facebook banned a breast feeding photo.


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