April 2018 Update

Update: We want to keep our hospital on site, fully funded and up graded.
(Whilst reading this please keep in mind:

  • Carillon, that wonderful bankrupt monstrosity,
  • The much needed, though flawed and long delayed new building for the Liverpool Royal,
  • The terrible debt that comes from the PFI funding of that building,
  • The overwhelming evidence of danger to babies from exposure to traffic pollution,
  • The chequered history of the leadership of the CCG.
  • The huge STP changes nationally and locally going through the NHS…oh and
  • The Maternity Review and the Merseyside Women and Children’s Vanguard plans,
  • Personal maternity budgets
  • A few of the Mayor’s grand plans and even more.

Got all that?)
Liverpool Womens Hospital is still here, still safe, still solvent, still providing care to women, babies and some men.Still (as far as we know) providing it’s full range of services.
Great that Liverpool Womens Hospital is doing much needed improvement to the neo natal unit, though this seems a little slow to get off the starting blocks. It’s some months since the money was allocated for the upgrade to the neo natal unit
It is far from perfect but it’s a good hospital.
So what next?
The local NHS “commissioning” body still intends to go to consultation on its proposals to reduce, and move the hospital after these local elections.
Their plans remains to use a PFI (!!!) funding scheme to “rebuild” a smaller service on the same site as the benighted New Royal Liverpool Hospital with fewer beds.
So we pay more, to get less, and, as a bonus, put massive pollution into the lungs of 8,000+ babies a year.
And they could well pay thousands to PR people to make enough people think it’s all a good idea.
So we begin again our campaign to defend Liverpool Womens Hospital.
We need you to help.
Please message us if you want to know how to help.

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