Marching to save Liverpool Women’s Hospital – Join us


On 22nd September 2018 we are marching, again, two years after our first march.

Sadly  plans are being put forward, again, to fundamentally change our hospital which sees 8,000 babies born there each year and over 50,000 appointments for a whole range of  health services for  women and babies and some specialist services for men too.

At 12 noon on September 22nd 2018 there will be a march from the Liverpool Women’s Hospital to demonstrate against these plans which are little different from earlier ideas.. We will continue our campaign across the summer to let people know what is happening and how to help defend  services for the women and babies of Liverpool and beyond. We really do need as much help as we can get. We can win if the people of Liverpool get behind this camapign. Don’t forget Huddersfield Royal infirmary was saved  in May 2018 by a brilliant campaign.


The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) intends to put consultation in place this Autumn with action in 2019. The details are in the One Liverpool Operational Plan. We will report on the plan as a whole in another post .

The document is quite hard to read as it is presented in narrow columns so we will copy each column separately.  (It’s quite funny to find the worst examples of management speak “Rationalisation of optimisation of corporate workforce” being one such. We think it means cutting admin  and manual staff. The NHS has been doing that to lower grades for a generation and it has not helped, not one bit.)

We will repond to each of these points in another post

The rest of the section about Liverpool Women’s Hospital is as follows

  1. Liverpool Women’s Hospital
  2. The reconfiguration of women’s and neonatal services currently delivered by LWH at the Crown street site to address issues with clinical standards and service co-dependencies  This phase of the project is to conduct a public consultation on proposals and to develop and gain approval for  Decision making business case.”
  3. 1. Complete NHSE assurance process
    2. Complete approval process
    3. Complete Public consultation
    4. Development and approval of Decision Making Business Case
  4. 30-Jun-18
  5. The safety of women’s and neonatal services provided by the Trust will be improved, via:
    Services which meet national and local clinical guidelines Reduction in clinical risk Reduction in over-occupancy in the neonatal unit Improved staff satisfaction regarding the delivery of services Improved clinical outcomes for patients Reduction in staffing and transport costs relating to patient transfers Reduction in backlog maintenance risks
    The quality of women’s and neonatal services provided by the Trust will be improved, via:
    Increased patient satisfaction
    Increased staff satisfaction
    A reduction in regulatory oversight and intervention
    Improvements in the CQC rating at the Trust
    Improved diagnostic capabilities
    Improved ward facilities which meet national standards
    Increased parental accommodation
    Optimised patient flows
    The financial sustainability of the Trust will be improved, via:
    Rationalisation of optimisation of corporate workforce
    Avoidance of an increase in CNST premiums required to be paid by the Trust
    Reduction in facilities management costs
    More efficient use of space within the hospital

Please come and join the fight to save our hospital.

Snip od the plans for the hospital

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