Getting Rid of the Virus Public Meeting

Our speakers were

Dr Jess Potter: a respiratory consultant and clinical lead for tuberculosis at a busy district general hospital in London. Jess works with EveryDoctor – an organisation which campaigns for the working rights of doctors. Jess also campaigns for healthcare rights of migrants with Docs Not Cops and Medact.

Rebecca Smyth: Rebecca is a member of SLWH and SHA and works as a Senior Lecturer in Midwifery at The University of Manchester. As part of her work Rebecca has collaborated with the World Health Organization in producing international clinical guidelines and is an active member of ALLOUT (LGBT Staff network group)

Maternity Action: Ross Bragg works for Maternity Action, the UK’s leading charity committed to ending inequality and improving the health and wellbeing of pregnant women, partners and young children – from conception through to the child’s early years.

Dr  Hassan Burhan: Dr Hassan Burhan is a Respiratory Consultant at the Royal and have been treating patients with Covid since March last year. He is the North West Coast Clinical Research Network Co-Lead for Respiratory Medicine and is involved in Research to look for new treatments at Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Trust. Dr Hassan also has an honorary LSTM contract and was part of the management committee of the Oxford Astra Zeneca Vaccine Study at LSTM.

Part 2:

Comfort Etim:

Comfort is an Advocacy and Policy Officer at Refugee Women Connect, a Liverpool-based, women-only charity set up to support women asylum-seekers, refugees and survivors of trafficking. Refugee Women Connect works together to build a safe life in the UK for all women in the asylum seeker and refugee community.

Philomène Uwamaliya:

Since 2011, Philomène has been working as a Senior Lecturer at the Liverpool John Moores University in the school of Nursing and Allied Health. As a refugee herself, Philomène is highly committed to ensuring that support services and commissioners provide the appropriate care to asylum seekers.

Our next meeting, the second one in the series “Getting Rid of the Virus” is on March 3rd will look at getting the science working in the workplaces and for the workforce, with speaker from nurses’ organisations, teachers, and those working in the community. We want to look at why our communities are suffering so badly and what we can do to make them safer. The rich can live with the virus but it will kill our people.

We want to be rid of this virus, not to tolerate it and accept a certain level of ongoing deaths and disability. It is difficult indeed but possible to be rid of this virus.

We want every human to be able access NHS care in this country. Listen to Comfort Etim speaking of the damage charging and exclusions from care are causing in Liverpool.

We support Vaccines for all . Over 230 organisations have signed up to the call on the Department of Health and Social Care to ensure that everyone can access the coronavirus vaccine, regardless of immigration status, ID or proof of address.

The lockdown is horrible but is driving down the number of cases and number of deaths, but how bad would it be to face another surge, still more heartbreak, grief and suffering because basic public health procedures are ignored by the government?

We know most people are doing their absolute best to suppress the virus, if they can, and the scientists have worked wonders. We are forever in debt to the health care and social care workers. Sadly we depend too on the Government to put decent policies in place and that has been sadly lacking, especially on Track Trace Isolate and Support.. Individual effort has not, and cannot keep us safe.

We want Vaccines and excellent, efficient, local publicly run Find, Test, Trace, Isolate and Support systems where people who need support financially to isolate get it, unlike the current situation., where people cannot afford to stay home from work if they have symptoms because they would have no money at all, and maybe lose their jobs.(Being in a union has saved many jobs in this poandemic)

We want safer schools with real investment in buildings safety, ventilation and staff, smaller safer class sizes. We want fully equipped elder care; we want women to be safe at work especially in pregnancy. No one is safe until we all are safe. We want our children to have ample good quality food and shelter. We want employers forced to make their workplaces safe. All of this is quite affordable and would make the country wealthier and safer.

2 thoughts on “Getting Rid of the Virus Public Meeting”

  1. Amazing strides made there! Thank you to all -A good balanced mix of the Universal aspects of this pandemic -It cut politely across prejudices with explanations
    which included contributions from diverse quarters assumptions and stimulated clear thinking for the observers –


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