Getting rid of the virus (meeting number 2)

At our second meeting in the series Getting Rid of the Virus we heard from Dr Fyaz Ismail, a scientist working at a local university, Karen, a nurse from Nurses United, Greg Dropkin from Keep Our NHS Public on the local figures for virus present, Peter Glover, a teacher and NEU Executive member, and Janet Newsham from Hazards Campaign and Sarah Morton from the PCS union. Sarah is a councillor for Clubmoor and works to support mutual aid in the neighbourhoods.

Public meeting on March 3rd 2021

 Fyaz started the discussion on the virus, how it works and why we have a Covid Vaccine when we still do not have a Malaria one. Fyaz gave a detailed explanation and encouraged people to have the vaccine.

It will take all of us to drive down and eliminate the virus, but the Government must act too, in increased support for people to isolate if they have symptoms, or live with someone who has tested positive. They must improve the track and trace, and open free hotel rooms up for self-isolating. Test Track and trace must come back into local public health and the council. Serco are not doing well at all.

The schools need better ventilation, smaller classes, extra classrooms, extra teachers, outdoor teaching, time for the children to play and to talk, and facilities to work ay home if needs be. Proper internet kit for all the children. The children need good food too to build their health and strength

If you would like a similar meeting in your community or area please do get in touch

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