Women in Defiance of Violence

A meeting with Sisters Uncut, Sistah Space, Women’s Lives Matter Yorkshire, Women Against Pit Closures, Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital, The Anti-Fracking Nanas, Kate Hudson Secretary of CND, Sandra Daniels representing the struggles of disabled women, Black Lives Matter Oxford, and contributions on the struggles of asylum seekers and the need to oppose the White Paper for the NHS, demanding that the NHS is not controlled by private companies but returns to the model the NHS was founded on.

The meeting is captioned and with BSL interpretation.

The opening song is Savage Daughter by Sarah Hester Ross

Certain themes unite us: Gender based violence in the home, in the workplace and education settings and in the street, the coming legislation on Police Powers, the NHS White Paper, the crazy intention to increase nuclear weapons, the need to address the climate catastrophe, the ongoing damage of Austerity which loaded more than 80% of the damage on to women, the damage done to Domestic Violence Services and  the threat of endemic Covid, the discriminatory benefits system and  the damage done to our communities and especially children by growing poverty.

We recognise the anger and pain that all who call that Black Lives matters during the trial for the murder of George Floyd

We mourn the dead of the pandemic.

Our campaign says the NHS must be free at the point of need, for all people not for profit, providing a comprehensive service, fully funded by the government. and not for profit The blood sucking big corporations must be dismissed from the NHS. WE demand a huge increase in funding for maternity and women’s health over 5 years to make our services the best in the world. We challenge the deaths o black women and babies in child birth

We demand better pay for NHS staff, and consistent recruitment and in service training for all NHS staff, over a five year period to tackle staff shortages and over work

Every gain we have made in two centuries have been through campaigning, protest and demonstration. That right is at risk. We oppose the policing bill and demand the right to protest

We raise the watch word Liberty

We will we will we will be free


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