Rebuild and Restore the NHS

We are calling for, and will begin to campaign for, a much better health service for all our families,  fully funded  providing all the services we need

Please join us in this huge endeavour. If football fans can make their US owners think again, so can we.

We are starting now

We are working with many other campaign groups,. Keep our NHS Public have petition below.

All the Merseyside and Cheshire groups are holding a public campaigning meeting on May 10th at 7pm

Public meeting by zoom in Monday 10th May ( click on the link)

We put out this call  to all who care about the NHS, to all who campaign for   the NHS, all who work in the NHS. Our grandparents and parents had to fight to create the health service in the first place, free at the point of need, provided as a public service and providing all the treatments required.  We are echoing their call, more than 70 years later. The NHS cannot be run for profit. Give us back the NHS. End the cuts for cash scandal. We will try to get this message out across this city, across the whole of Cheshire and Merseyside region. We will work with  the national campaigns too. Please help us.

There are major problems in midwifery, in deaths of babies under one, and in women’s health, We will continue to campaign on these issues  Look out for our Autumn National Meeting Maternity Matters. We are all too aware that maternity  has its own grave problems. We can, and do  win short term gains but longer-term funding and staffing maternity can only be solved in a renewed and repaired National Health Service.

Meanwhile we must protect every service we still have. Not one more bed closed, not one more service removed, not one more member of staff outsourced, not one more service given to the private sector.

Money spent on health care gives one of the best returns on investment in the world. It gives good money returns but much more important it makes people healthier and happier. We are worth it and as the 6th richest economy in the world, we can well afford it.

The decisions to slash the number of beds, to under recruit and under train staff numbers, to fail to stockpile equipment against a pandemic, to give  sweet making companies core NHS contracts were all wrong and cost us dearly in lives lost and staff exhaustion. Reducing staff terms and conditions was morally wrong and damaged the service

Our NHS staff are worth every penny and more.

The NHS model  of healthcare is much more cost  efficient, more effective in health terms and  much more fair than the US model.

The original NHS model gave the world’s most cost effective and the best treatment worldwide according to Commonwealth fund

We are going to campaign for a return of

  • A fully funded NHS, funded by the government
  • All treatment free at the point of need
  • Comprehensive treatment, all the treatment and medicines required
  • A national service, not a post code lottery. Keep the national in the NHS to share the risks more equitably.
  • Universal health care, no one excluded
  • A health service built on treating the whole patient not  just  specific ailments.
  • A health service built on cooperation not competition
  • Reduce the bureaucracy and expensive and  damaging financial consultants
  • A service delivered by public service, not by profit making companies
  • A researched based institution
  • Well-regulated and well-educated professions in the NHS
  • Good wages and conditions of work for all staff
  •  A mass five-year recruitment, retention and return drive for midwives, nurses and other professions
  • No student loans in the NHS
  • Sufficient beds to provide for all in fair reach of home
  • Re nationalised mental health care and beds
  • No more hospital closures
  • A new Independent Living Service distinct from the NHS
  • NHS workers to be employed by the NHS on national conditions of service
  • Full rights for all migrant health workers including full access to NHS health services for them and their families and an end to migrant charges
  • A democratic management structure and management style
  •  Public health to be nationally funded and locally delivered
  • Staff to be employed in patient care not in jumping through deliberately difficult financial loops
  • A comprehensive audit of NHS land and buildings including reports on disrepair, wear and tear and recommendations for short, medium and long-term  repairs, reinstatement and improvements

The NHS White Paper  finalises changes already implemented changes, made without legal status, They are very damaging  and will see  much more  private ownership and control, much more involvement of US health corporations and their subsidiaries in  health service in the UK. Lesley Mahmood from our campaign said “

Councillors, trade unions and elected representatives need to realise the ICS express train is about to crash through any idea of one National Health Service very soon as the government proposals look likely to be in the Queen’s Speech in May. 

This is not just another NHS reorganisation, bad as they have been. Previous privatisations have been about the Virgins, Sercos, Carillions and other privateers stealing cakes from the NHS bakery. The White paper on ICS is about splitting the NHS bakery into 42 parts and handing them over to the privateers. These multinationals will be sitting on the decision-making bodies, 83 major corporations, 22 from the US are already heavily involved in developing ICSs. Councils will find themselves lucky to have one seat at the table from half a dozen or more councils and no powers of scrutiny over closure of hospitals and services. 

While ‘integration’ sounds appealing, ICSs are about dismantling the NHS, ICSs are based on a US insurance-based model aiming to spend less on health & care. Fixed annual budgets won’t be based on need, resulting in more rationing and postcode inequality, fewer services, down skilling & outsourcing of jobs, local pay and further cuts on top of the 10 years of austerity in the NHS.

We challenge the use of  deceptive language in the Conservative Government plans for the NHS. They talk of accountable care, but  that  does not mean that they are answerable for that care but that the accountants can measure it

They talk of Population funding, sounding like improvements for the whole population but it means cash limits for different regions and financial incentives to restrict access to healthcare, “cuts for cash”

They talk of “integrated care” but far from integrating with social care it will disperse NHS funds to private social care companies

 This government said at the election that they would never privatise the NHS but are busy bringing private companies in, even to the major decision-making bodies of the NHS nationally regionally  and locally

You can move this resolution from keep our NHS Public at your Trade union branch. We will face lies and obfuscation, our arguments will be dismissed as scaremongering, but a victory will save  many lives and avoid much misery. If you value it, fight for it. Otherwise, we will be looking back at the time we had a proper health service and wondering how it slipped between our fingers, how it went the way that  dentistry free at the point of need, mental health provided by the NHS  and elder care went, how the hospitals could close, how once we had student grants and bursaries for nurse training.

They have   produced a list of companies called HSSF that can be given NHS work without tender, including  the employment of staff

We will campaign to show that population funding, integrated care and  accountable care will inevitably lead to charging, as we saw in the My Choice plan from Warrington Hospital

 Our campaign helped save Liverpool women’s Hospital because of the popular campaign. Such campaigns will have less power as local authorities will have less influence.

 This is not going to be an easy campaign.

 Look out for details of our campaign and please do get involved.

For all our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and lovers and for the precious children,  reclaim  and restore our NHS.

Get in touch, join our campaign here….

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