July 3rd 2021

Come and join one of the local rallies, to mark 73 years of the NHS.

Please take all all covid precautions

Take back the NHS

What we want

  •   World class  NHS for all
  •   Funded by the government-
  •   All the treatments we need
  •   Healthcare for all. No one is safe until we all are safe
  •   Access to our GPs and keeping  the GPs as the person who decides if we can be referred to hospital
  •   All NHS money to go  to patient care not to profit.
  •   Well paid staff on national pay and conditions and union recognition #PayNHS15
  •    Independently regulated staff
  •   A national service
  •   No the hospital closures.
  •   Comprehensive mental health services for all
  •   World class maternity antenatal, post-natal and fertility services
  • Heath services that provide well   for women
  •   Data privacy
  •   End outsourcing
  •   A Comprehensive Universal National Care service
  •   Respectful  investigation into the Pandemic
  •   The NHS is the most cost effective and equitable healthcare system in the world.. when it is funded properly

What we want

Stop the  NHS Whitepaper. It won’t get through if people know about it so spread the word.

What the Government is doing.

  • Breaking NHS into 42 different regions.
  • Bringing big corporations onto the local boards
  • Setting up ICS boards
  • Restricting treatments through population funding
  • Reducing the number of hospitals. Giving land to private companies
  • Money going to  private companies not patient care or  staff pay.
  • Damaging  mental healthcare
  • Supporting and funding the private sector
  • Introducing the HSSF; a group of     firms to outsource NHS work
  • Proposing to change regulation of professions
  • Phone appointments and digital access which rules out many people, especially pensioners
  • Breaking the link with GPs
  • Referral organisations, not GPs to  decide if we can be referred to a specialist
  • Reducing the treatments available
  • Leaving many with no dental care
  • Hospital closures
  • Some are already implemented. All of this is in the White Paper

Talk to family friends and workmates, find out more…

Put a poster in your window…

Work with others in your area to spread the campaign…

Join a union…

Pass resolutions in your union branch…

Set up a local stall…

Write to your councillor; councillors can help stop this…

Write to your MP…

Leaflet your street…

Organise at work…

get involved with the campaign; link to it here

link to our camapign here

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