Health and Care Bill; councillors can help scrap the Bill!

Dear Councillor

You can help save the NHS from the Health and Care Bill now in Parliament.

This bill is a threat to the NHS in total.

  • Breaking the National Health Service into around 42 geographical systems with reduced responsibilities to provide healthcare
  • The American managed (or accountable) care model, designed to create a two-tier system, a bare bones service for those who are too poor or ill to get private healthcare/insurance.  
  • Private companies getting a seat on the Integrated Care System boards. Companies could get huge contracts without competition  
  • We can expect rationed treatment, so more people will have to pay
  • Restricted funding
  • More private companies involved through the Health System Support Framework.
  • Threats to staff professional regulations
  • Local Authorities having less say but being bound by the Integrated Care  Board  decisions on annual budgets
  • Local Authorities having less say on closures
  • Using Apps, overriding clinicians’ skills and knowledge by making them follow actuarial algorithms
  • Discharge to Assess – discharge from hospital without care packages in place
  • Neglect of maternity

Who says NO to the bill?

Keep our NHS Public, Defend our NHS, Socialist Health Association, Open Democracy. Every Doctor, National Pensioners Convention. Public Matters. Socialist Health Association, 999 Call for the NHS. Health Campaigns Together. We Own It. British Medical Association, Labour Party Conference Policy. All the local health campaigns working together in Cheshire and Merseyside including the local trades councils

What you can do: Add your name to the opposition. Help tell your electors of this risk. Vote for your council to cease cooperation with the so called Integrated Care System. The only integration is with the private sector, Care is till privately owned, under funded, unstable, means tested and far from comprehensive and it is privately owned( and very profitble. We want a service not a sytem

Call a meeting in your area.

The NHS has already been badly damaged by the Government:

  • Poor funding for a decade
  • Outsourcing
  • Shortage of staff
  • Poorly paid staff
  • Bringing in private companies
  • PFI (Just look at the “new” Royal)
  • The chaos of privatised and means tested Social Care.
  • ICS system  introduced without legal sanction
  • Years of cuts in beds
  • Mental health service in ruins
  • Children’s mental health services damaged
  • Dental care not available for many
  • Maternity services needing urgent investment and better staffing
  • The pandemic deaths
  • Children getting illnesses of poverty
  • Millions wasted on propaganda by the big corporations involved in the NHS
  • GP surgeries taken over by private companies
  •  Propaganda hiding the truth of cuts

Our Alternative

  • A fully funded, fully staffed NHS
  • Publicly owned, publicly delivered
  • Free at the point of need
  • A national service across the whole country.
  • Good pay for staff
  • Health care for all and end to migrant charges and the migrant surcharge
  • Fully funded maternity services and  healthcare for women
  • Mental health care  given greater priority
  • No more hospital closures
  • Good healthcare for children
  • Fully funded public health services

Health care makes a country richer and happier, not poorer. It is an investment which returns financial as well as health benefits to the country, communities, families and communities.

Public service is more efficient than private sector health care in every country.

A national care and independent living service, for our elders  for  disabled people, and all who need support. It should be fully funded free at the point of need but  distinct from the NHS. End the privatised free for all in social care

The NHS was built by cate backgroundtend will be defended by  a mass movement.

Why should a Labour Council cooperate with ending the NHS? The damage will be blamed on local councils. Voters will blame you along with the Conservatives

A public campaign to stop this bill can win to show how the government and their cronies in the private companies are risking our health

The football fans made the government change their mind, so can we

This is the time to say NO

Share this video which explains this well•

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