Day of Action for the NHS February 26th 2022

Protest for the NHS!

There is a national day of action on February 26th, with people able to protest in their own areas.

In Liverpool we will march from Bold Street to Derby Square; full details to follow.

If you can help, please get in touch, either by this blog or by email to;, or or

A major demonstration for the NHS is long over due. Meanwhile the Conservative Government reckon they can get away with anything. Covid has given them a shield from public protest. NHS staff are tired and worn out from the long pandemic and years of cuts and poor pay. Many are angry, or just leaving. But the people value the NHS, we are proud of the NHS. We want to support the staff and the NHS system of universal health care as a public service free at the point of need.

In the run up to Feb 26th we will have stalls, lots of leafletting and petitions and posters put up, and meetings to explain whats happening. Please help. Invite us to speak at a meeting, set up or help with a stall in your area. We can help with leaflets. Put up a poster in your window, post leaflets through doors in your area.

Write to your MP and Councillors

Stop the Health + Care Bill which is still going through Parliament.

The NHS has been betrayed, underfunded, understaffed and privatised by stealth. Centene has taken over GP surgeries in London and campaigners are challenging it in court.

Stop the forty-two phony ICS systems, all based the US mode, slicing our precious NHS up into bite sized bits for private companies to take over.

Restore mental health care! Mental health care has been allowed to fall into the hands of private companies and care levels have plummeted. “The published figures show that, compared to 2017/18, the amount of planned spending on mental health services within the NHS has gone down by around £34 million in real terms”.


Fund Maternity – respect midwives, protect mothers and babies! Recruit and retain more midwives!

No charges, no rationing of care in the NHS!

Tackle the waiting lists!

Stop funding private hospitals, with no proof they help NHS patients!

Stop the charges for treatments being slid in through the back door. Keep all our services!

Full Mitigation and Public Health to defend us from Covid! This means space in schools, air filtration, smaller classes, space on public transport, sick pay that can feed a family, masks where needed and boosters when necessary!

Stop Migrant charges for healthcare. They are brutal and do not save the NHS any money once costs of collection are counted. many doctors and NHS staff are paying for their hjealth care and that of their children whilst working in the NHS

Stop a major reorganisation when Covid lingers on and staff are tired.

What we do want

Renationalise and fully fund the care system, so we can provide well for everyone who needs care.

Fully fund the NHS

Invest £20 Billion now! Kick out the privatisers!

This government disrespects our very lives! #Look up!


You can help; Day of Action February 26th!

On February 26th a National Day of Action for the NHS has been called. All the big unions are involved. Many health campaign bodies are involved too.

Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital is one of many organisations raising these issues in Cheshire and  Merseyside.

Speaking up for the NHS in Cheshire and Merseyside are:

Defend our NHS Wirral

Keep our NHS  Public Merseyside

Keep our NHS Public Cheshire

Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital Campaign

Save Ormskirk and Southport Hospitals

Liverpool, Knowsley, Wirral, Cheshire West, Halton, Warrington Trades Councils

With support from many Trade Union branches.

The state of the NHS has been caused by Conservative governments, following ten years of underfunding, bed closures, insufficient staff being trained, poor pay and conditions, and a poor response from the Government to Covid.

But if we do not object, and object loudly, they will carry on doing even worse.

Conservative MPs need to know they will be held to account, and Labour MPS too if they support privatisation.

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