Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital Campaign urges people to support the COP26 action in Liverpool on November 6th

Women’s lungs are especially susceptible to particulates from carbon-based fuels and particularly to traffic pollution and in some countries to cooking pollution.

Babies in the womb and in early life are vulnerable to pollution. Children suffer from badly insulated and badly heated homes.

Disasters kill women three times more often than they kill men.

Above all, though our children deserve a future on our planet, in a climate system that can support human life. To do that we must keep fossil fuels in the ground.

The money spent subsidising fossil fuels would be better spent on health, care and education

Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital Campaign

is proud to join and sponsor the campaign for Climate Justice on November 6th. We support the demands for an environment fit to live in, and for a great future for all the babies born in Liverpool Women’s Hospital and those around the world.

Our children and grandchildren could live long lives in comfort and prosperity if the world drops the mass pollution machine that is fossil fuel.  The world has to change for the future of our children.

We demand action against the damage done to babies in the womb and to children’s lungs from exposure to airborne pollution from fossil fuels, especially traffic.

Badly insulated homes mean our children get ill especially with respiratory infections. We call on the government to insulate Britain to save our children and the climate

Keep Liverpool Women’s Hospital on the garden site on Crown Street, set back from Traffic. We oppose the waste involved in plans to move it to the Royal Site,  with less space and worse traffic.

Stop charging migrant women thousands for maternity care. These charges kill babies.

Devote resources not to polluting industries but to researching women’s health.

We want investment in health care as part of the Green New Deal to ensure clean air, well-insulated homes, good public transport to take cars off the road, larger well-ventilated schools, a national childcare system and well-funded social care, good youth work, support for disabled people.

Good health requires good food and that means sustainable farming for all, without the intensive farming of animals that breeds viruses.

Stop privatisation of the NHS. Stop the Health and Care Bill, invest in good healthcare for all

If we can afford to subsidise some of the richest corporations in the world to produce fossil fuels then we can definitely afford a great health service.

Midwives before fossil fuel subsidies!!

We demand major investment in health care for all and especially for women who are affected physically and mentally by pollution and stress.

We demand investment in mental health and know that a good environment helps prevent and helps heal mental illnesses

We demand the resources in staff and funding to give all women full attention during labour and good  ante and postnatal care

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