What practically you can do to Stop the Health and Care Bill 2021

Suggestions from simple to  complex

  • Write to  your MP and councillors. It does not matter what party. They all need to hear from their constituents. If you can, go to their surgery/ office. Make an appointment.
  • Write to a friend or family member who has a Conservative MP asking them to contact their MP. Conservative MPS are particularly crucial. Many do not  understand what goes on the NHS and  those in newly won seats are anxious about it
  • Put a poster up in your window. We will soon have car stickers.  Email us with your address and we will send them to you
  • If you are in a trade union, write to them asking them to  raise their game in the campaign against  the Health and Care Bill. We can send you a draft letter.
  • Write to your local CCG or ICS
  • Talk to friends and family so they know about it to and ask them to do any of the above
  • Send one of our post cards ( awaiting delivery) to any of the above
  • Do the above once a week or once a fortnight
  • Sign petitions including this one
  • If you have knowledge or interest write to the members of the Select Committee in Parliament during early  September

Those letters that seem individual are most effective

Slightly  more involved

Even more involved

  1. Help leaflet hospitals and other workplaces early morning
  2. Help with Stalls outside Conservative Party MPs offices
  3. Help with the Don’t blow it kill the Bill hankies for MPs campaign by embroidering a  white hanky to give to a Tory MP
  4. Help find a place to exhibit the tapestries
  5. Attend a training session
  6. Come to demonstrations ( these are limited at the moment.. we need to respect Covid)
  7. Help invent still more ideas than those above

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