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Dear Member of Parliament,

Our NHS is beloved by everyone throughout our countryside. Its underlying ethos that everyone is entitled to the same professional care and attention once they cross its threshold is a wonderful source of comfort and reassurance.

The NHS system is the envy of the world. It is important that it remains a public service, so that money can be spent on patient care, rather than going into the pockets of shareholders.

It continues to evolve and is nurtured by health care professionals who care deeply for the NHS.

However, the current Health and care Bill will fragment the NHS into 42 regions leading to a postcode lottery.

Representatives from private companies will be allowed to sit on decision-making boards and influence what services are provided. The government says it will prevent individuals with ‘significant interest’ in private health care from sitting on them. This is not good enough. Big businesses should not have a say in how public money is spent.

The bill provides for the NHS professions to be taken out of regulation – with implications for those who work in the NHS and the quality of care we can expect to receive.

The British Medical Association Has called for the bill to be rejected!

For the sake of the health and peace of mind of this and future generations, please vote against this bill.

Yours sincerely

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