Not sufficient at all

Hello fellow midwives,

Have any of you seen the message to RCM members by CEO Gill Walton. Here is the link for you if need:

I find it hard to put into words how this makes me feel, but utterly disgusted and outraged by the attitude of GW is a start.

Where is the support from our union? Other unions including the BMA and Unison are asking their members to let them know about COVID related issues in the workplace – PPE for example. These discussions need to be had out loud in the public arena not stifled by our union or our hospitals with fear of reprisal. Let’s speak out. Together we are strong. Let’s support those staff members that do.

If any of you want to tell me anything in confidence please private message me. Some know me already and I hope trust me, others who don’t please message and talk with me.

We need to do this to protect each other, our families, the women and patients we look after.



If midwives wish to contact R we will forward your message

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