Changes are being made to the NHS, without publicity.

Our camapign has been working to understand and publicise changes that are happening in the NHS. This started out as a powerpoint used in meetings but grew as we learned more.

Cheshire and Merseyside NHS funding and many decisions have been moved to the Cheshire and Merseyside STP. There are instructions to merge the CCGs, and all 4 Cheshire CCGs have indeed merged. Merseyside’s CCGs have been told to merge with them. Ahead of this merger many decisions are now being made, without democratic oversight at this system level. It is hard enough to monitor what is happening at Liverpool CCG without trying to monitor a meeting covering all of Merseyside and Cheshire.  There have been articles in the press talking about setting a statutory framework for this move which means that right now they have no statutory footing, no basis in law.  However, it is through this “system” that funding is channelled to our hospitals, and decisions normally made by CCGs must fit into this framework.

 Our campaign first became acquainted with the Merseyside and Cheshire STP because it runs the big maternity vanguard for this area. We have our concerns about the level of resources given to maternity but that is covered in other blog posts

 The NHS faces a difficult winter with the pandemic not controlled, the vaccine in its infancy, tired and overworked staff and uncertain supply of key equipment. The pandemic should be the focus of attention, but instead fundamental changes are underway.  We believe these changes threaten the Bevan model of universal treatment free at the point of need. Big companies are making a fortune from the pandemic funding, funding that should have gone to the NHS.

 One of our aims, together with other campaigns and trade unions is to gather a conference of those who wish to defend the NHS across Merseyside and Cheshire. Please get in touch if you can help or would like to help in any way. The NHS will last whilst there are people prepared to fight for it. We are, are you?

If any group wants the power point, with or without commentary, we can let you have it but its too big to share by email. Contact us and we will find a way. Or one of our camapign will present it on a zoom meeting for you and answer questions and gather your information.

Please do feed back to us with your experience, your knowledge. Meanwhile Defend the NHS now more than ever

2 thoughts on “Changes are being made to the NHS, without publicity.”

  1. Excellent presentation and explanation of the dire & urgent situation our NHS is in. Will be sharing everywhere but particularly to local and national politicians who we need to lobby to resist these changes and demand reinstatement of our NHS based on the Bevan model. As he said, the NHS will only last as long as there are people willing to fight for it. Time to step up and fight.


  2. Thank you so much for this – a really useful clear summary of the whole situation and what we are up against. Thank you so much for the time, research and effort put into this – I realise it was a major piece of work and will be so useful in so many ways to campaigners and beyond…..


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