Emily Thornberry MP to speak at Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital Demo on 22nd September.

Please come to  our demo, show your support for Saving Liverpool Women’s Hospital, on site,

Please support  the call to fix the Royal Hospital!

Will you stand up to save  the NHS?

What will you be able to say that you did about the attacks on our NHS? Will you get on your feet and show support for our NHS and our hospitals, our doctors nurses and midwives.

Our speakers are great but its the marchers who are the stars!

Come and hear our fantastic speakers

  • Emily Thornberry MP,
  • Dan Carden MP,  who is committed to the reinstatement of our NHS, and is campaigning for the Royal Hospital to be fully funded and fully repaired
  • Professor Wendy Savage, life long fighter for the rights of women and babies in healthcare and in giving birth,
  • Doctor Alex Scott Samuel, from Socialist Health Association,
  • Rebecca Smyth who lectures in midwifery
  • Julie Ward MEP,  who has helped the campaign for the  successful Irish Repeal the 8th
  • Jenny Hurley from Save Chorley Hospital,
  • Sheila Coleman, Hillsborough Justice  Campaigner
  • Natalie Denny, local  campaigner for  sexual health for young people, and to making sure every woman can access sanitary products

Outstanding-Contribution-to-Health-687x458Wendy Savage has been given the prestigious award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to health and healthcare in the UK’  Wendy’s presence puts out campaign in a long line of struggles for women’s health and for maternity rights.

natalie-denny-a3198930Natalie Denny campaigns for young people’s sexual health, and for the homeless period

Sheila Coleman is a fine example of a woman who never gives up, is never intimidated and fights for the rights of ordinary people, as does our campaign


Rebecca-SmythRebecca  Smythe has worked at Liverpool Women’s Hospital and now lectures in Midwifery. Rebecca is part of our campaign and can reflect the concerns of midwives in health reorganizations




routeMarch 22nd sept

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